LiDAR terrain map of

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You can geolocate your position with the "Find my location" button on the top left of the map. Please be aware this function may not work on certain mobile browsers, please use chrome for a working experience. Different background layers such as street map or satalite imagery can be picked from the layer selector in the top right of the map.

OPACITY SLIDER - Slide to the left view the Aerial Photography or Road Map behind the LiDAR Layer:

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Archaeological Site Archive

Find British Archaeological Site locations held on the ARCHI UK database of 200,000+ British archaeological sites. You can search with a Postcode, Place or Co-ordinate and find UK Archaeological sites within 3, 5 or 10km of your search location.

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Old Antique Map Archive

View Beautiful Antique Maps of the British Isles drawn by the fathers of British cartography including Christopher Saxton and Herman Moll plus many other incredible old maps.

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Place-Name Archive

Use this ARCHI Place-Name Finder Search Form to search for place names and place-name elements (eg *ton, *chester* (see more at List of British (English, Welsh, Scottish) place-name meanings) and generate a distribution map of all places in Britain which have that name or element.

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