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Striking Saxon Gold: Part 1 (Treasure Hunting Magazine, September 2020)

Did you know that place-names can often act as indicators of forgotten ancient / archaeological / historical activity associated with an area?

In the late 1990s I found the beginnings of what has turned out to be a scattered hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold coins. My find was reported in the national press and abroad. However, most newspaper articles stated that I stumbled upon the finds.

In fact I had used place-name studies to identify possible Anglo-Saxon market towns and then used the techniques of field archaeology and the interpretation of features on old maps to close in and eventually locate the hoard.

This article explains the approach I usually take to locate undiscovered ancient sites - all from the comfort of my armchair.

I hope you enjoy the article but most of all take on board the tips I give in the article because I would love others to make the kind of amazing discoveries I've made by simply looking for clues in place-names, old maps and aerial photography and ground survey.

I can't guarantee you will find anything using my approach but even if you don't find anything, the journey of learning will compensate for your efforts. Of that I am sure. Good Luck!

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The Secrets of Field Names (Treasure Hunting January 2015)

How to use farmers' field names to locate lost archaeological sites: Did you know that nearly all farmers' fields have a name? Sometimes a field's name is an archaeological indicator of its past use and I focus in on them extensively when I research an area. Here is an article I have recently written on the subject.

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How to Find Undiscovered Ancient Sites with Your Computer (Treasure Hunting June 2016)

I have found some amazing sites using both old and more modern maps. In this article, I reveal how to use Placenames and Field Names to unlock the secret language of the landscape which can you lead you to the locations of previously unknown ancient archaeological sites.

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Connecting with Our Ancestors

In this article, I write on the how metal detecting and archaeology can connect us with our ancient ancestors.

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Book Review: Maps: Their Untold Stories

In this book review, I write on this amazing book published by The UK National Archives at Kew, UK.

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