ARCHI UK Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Logging into the ARCHI System

There is no formal login procedure with the ARCHI service. Instead, once you have set your password, just enter it into the 'password' field on the various ARCHI Search forms on the ARCHI website.

This is to make is easier to comply with future data protection legislation. This actually makes things quicker and easier for you and helps to protect your rights to privacy on the internet.

Fair Use Policy

We run a fair use policy and ask you to not share passwords please. 'Fair Use' of the ARCHI system is 300 searches per individual subscription from a maximum of 15 different IP addresses. These figures are based on tripling the historically average number of annual searches per user (100) from an average of five different IP addresses per user.

The ARCHI System is able to detect potential abuse and scraping attempts. We reserve the right to block access to the ARCHI databases if potential abuse is identified.

However, it is recognised that some users will go over the Fair Use Quota.

ARCHI UK License Agreement

License: Personal, non-commercial or educational use for a single user only. Block subscriptions can be purchased for Academic institutions, clubs and societies and the subscription rate depends upon the number of users. See below for more information on multiple user subscriptions.

Please contact us via e-mail at if you wish to purchase a block subscription.

Payment by Mail Order

We do accept cheques or postal order for £34.95 and made payable to "Digital Documents". Email us for more details.

How accurate are the locations / co-ordinates of the archaeological / historic sites listed in the ARCHI UK datbase?

More than 85% of the sites listed in the ARCHI UK database are accurate to 6 or more figures in the UK National Grid Referencing System (eg TL 065 0227). This is the accepted accuracy for archaeological reporting with respect to the publications (eg journals, books and archaeological reports) the data has been sourced from. A 6 figure co-ordinate means that the site/find will be within the 100 metre square referenced by the co-ordinate.

As an example, consider the Priory site at TL 065 0227. On the map the marker is right on the site. However, be aware that if for example a coin is geo-referenced to 6 figures, then the coin would have been found in the 100 metre square indicated by the co-ordinate of the find.

On the Maps of Archaeological Sites, is the resolution of the marker positions based on the grid locations (typ +/-50m) or the lat/long (more decimal places)?

All the locations in the ARCHI UK database are held in the British National Grid Format. At least 85% are to 3 figures or more (many to 4 or 5 figures). Regarding the decimal lat/longs, these are all extrapolations from the NGRs with the heart of the code referencing methods associated with the Herlmert transformations ie they are of the same accuracy as the National Grid References they were extrapolated from.

If I make a donation, can I access the ARCHI archaeological site GPS locations databases

The donation buttons are generally used by people who would like to make a contribution towards the costs of providing the free services on the ARCHI website. These free services are access to the British Ordnance Survey old maps, Antique Old Maps, ARCHI UK Place-Name Finder, ARCHI Wordwide Archaeological and Historical data and maps and other free archaeological and historical research services on the ARCHI website. You do not have to make a donation to access these services but it is very much appreciated if you do as there are significant costs to cover for us to provide these free services.

Access to the UK archaeological sites GPS locations and maps does require the purchase of a subscription to the ARCHI UK database, which is current £34.95 per year.

Click here to return to ARCHI UK's search page.

Individual Subscription Pricing

For individuals, the cost of a year's subscription to the ARCHI UK database of UK Archaeological Sites is £34.95

Group, Club or Institutions Subscription Pricing

Multiple access to ARCHI UK is open to groups and institutions and the yearly subscription rate depends on the size of the faculty and the projected number of users.

Club and Society subscriptions start at £150 per annum.

Institutional online subscriptions start at £225 per annum.

Institutions have the choice of accessing the data via a password or automatically through the institution's IP address(es).

If you would like your group or institution to subscribe to ARCHI UK then ask your librarian or representative to e-mail us at

We accept payment by PayPal, Bank Transfer or by Cheque.

Auto Re-Subscription

A subscription to the ARCHI UK and ARCHI Worldwide databases are for one year and will be renewed automatically. Most ARCHI subscribers prefer this than to find their subscription has expired when they are out in the field and need to use the service.

However, you can simply cancel any future re-subscription payments via your PayPal acount anytime before the next subscription period.


Access to the full database is immediate if you subscribe online using the PayPal payment system. Otherwise your subscription will be activated within five working days after the time we receive your cheque payment.