ARCHI Bibliographic Sources

The following are a selection of bibliographic sources represented in the ARCHI database.

  1. Antiquaries Journal
  2. Archaeologia
  3. Archaeologia Aeliana
  4. Archaeologia Cambrensis
  5. Archaeologia Cantiana (Kent Archaeological Journal)
  6. Archaeological Journal
  7. Berkshire Archaeological Journal
  8. Birmingham Archaeological Society
  9. Bradford Antiquaries
  10. Bristol and Gloucester Archaeology Society
  11. British Archaeological Association
  12. Britannia
  13. Buckinghamshire Record Society
  14. Bygone Kent
  15. Caernarvonshire Historical Society
  16. Cake and Cockhorse (Banbury Historical Society)
  17. Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  18. Cambridge Historical Journal
  19. Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society
  20. Cheshire Sheaf
  21. Chester Archaeological Society
  22. Chetham Society
  23. Council for British Archaeology Reports
  24. CRAAGS Reports
  25. Cumberland & Westmorland Ant. & Archaeology Society
  26. Cwmmrodor
  27. Cwmmrodorian
  28. Denbighshire Historical Society
  29. Derbyshire Archaeological Journal
  30. Derbyshire Record Society
  31. Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries
  32. Devon and Cornwall Record Society
  33. Devonshire Association
  34. Dorset Natural History and Archaeology Society
  35. Dugdale Society
  36. Durham and Northumberland Archit. & Archaeology
  37. Durham Archaeological Journal
  38. Durham Archaeological Journal
  39. Durham County Local History Society
  40. East Anglian
  41. East Herts Archaeological Society
  42. East Riding Antiquarian Society
  43. East Yorkshire Local History Series
  44. English Historical Review
  45. English Place-name Society
  46. Essex Archaeological Society
  47. Essex Society for Archaeology and History
  48. Flintshire Historical Society
  49. Gloucestershire Notes and Queries
  50. Halifax Antiquarian Society
  51. Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society
  52. Hertfordshire Archaeology
  53. Historical Society of Lancs. and Cheshire
  54. Hunter Archaeological Society
  55. Huntingdon Library Quarterly
  56. Journal of British Studies
  57. Journal of Medieval History
  58. Journal of Roman Studies
  59. Leicestershire Archaeology and History Society
  60. Lincolnshire Archit. and Archaeological Societ
  61. Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
  62. Lincolnshire Notes and Queries
  63. Lincolnshire Past and Present
  64. London and Middlesex Archaeological Society
  65. London Archaeologist
  66. Mediaeval Studies
  67. Merioneth Historical and Record Society
  68. Norfolk Archaeology
  69. North Staffordshire Journal
  70. Notes and Queries Somerset and Dorset
  71. Oxoniensia
  72. Powys Land Club Collections
  73. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society was
  74. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries
  75. Radnorshire Society
  76. Records of Buckinghamshire
  77. Shropshire Archaeology and Natural Hist Society
  78. Society of Antiq. of Newcastle upon Tyne
  79. Southend on Sea Antiqu. and Historical Society
  80. St Albans & Herts. Archit. & Archaeological Society
  81. Staffordshire Studies
  82. Suffolk Institute of Archaeology
  83. Sunderland Antiquarian Society
  84. Surrey Archaeological Collections
  85. Sussex Archaeological Collections
  86. Thoresby Society
  87. Thoroton Society
  88. William Salt Archaeological Society
  89. Wiltshire Archaeology & Natural History Magazine
  90. Woolhope Naturalralists Field Club (Herefordshire)
  91. Worcestershire Archaeological Society
  92. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

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