The ARCHI Discover Archaeology Smartphone App

This is the Smartphone App version of the legendary ARCHI Archaeological Sites Database.

You can use this app on your phone, to discover more than 200,000 Archaeological and Historic sites with the free ARCHI Discover Archaeology (diggR) App. Find out a wealth of local heritage beneath your feet, including a description of incredible archaeological and historical sites and amazing treasure findspots listed in the ARCHI database.

This ARCHI diggR app includes the only online service available to the public, offering full location and direction details for thousands and thousands and thousands of sites in your country of interest.

Standard Features

You can discover a wealth of information with the App's standard features such as lists of thousands of archaeological sites in your area. The lists include a description of incredible archaeological and historical sites and amazing treasure findspots listed in the ARCHI database.

This app is built around the ARCHI database which is the world's most comprehensive online database of worldwide archaeological, historic and cultutural sites, metal detecting and treasure hunting findspots, archaeological digs and other sites of cultural and historic interest.

If you love archaeology, ancient history, metal detecting, field walking, hiking or simply just want to find out the ancient history of your area, then the app is probably what you have been looking for.

There are nearly 200,000 British Archaeological, Historic & Cultural Sites on the database plus thousands of sites from all around the world.

Upgrade Features

Advanced features such as maps showing the locations of ancient artefact findspots or the positions of amazing archaeological and historic sites are available when you subscribe to the ARCHI UK database. The upgrade also gives you access to routes which help you to locate the sites on the ground via the App's Satellite Navigation Link Up features. The upgrade costs just over £2 a month.

The ARCHI diggR app is the World's first App which allows you to Locate and Navigate to more than 200,000 British and Worldwide archaeological, historical, cultural and sites of natural beauty.

When you purchase a subscription to the ARCHI database you will be automatically upgraded to the full service. The app will be activated so that once it has located the sites you are interested in, it will link to your device’s Sat/Nav and Satellite Navigation system (GPS system) and provide you with a route to travel to these sites.

Is the ARCHI diggR App for you?

Many beautiful and historically significant coins & artefacts and previously unknown ancient sites have already been found and reported by archaeologists, field walkers, and metal detectorists who have used the ARCHI service for their background research.

Versatile Searching

Search with:

  1. UK Postcode
  2. Worldwide country
  3. Placename
  4. Co-ordinates in the British National Grid Reference format (eg TQ 12 34)
  5. Co-ordinates in the decimal latitude, longitude format (eg 51.8880, 0.8903)


Narrow down your search by adding keywords such as 'Roman', 'Saxon', 'Castle', 'Temple', 'Stone Cirle', 'Roman Coin', Gold' and even 'Treasure' to find these kinds of sites in the UK!

Regular Updates

The database is updated regularly with at least 10,000 new additions made to the database every year. There is continuous work on the development of new technical features designed to further simplify the identification and location of existing and new archaeological and historic sites.

The 200,000+ sites listed in the ARCHI database, contain links to maps and aerial photographs of archaeological and other cultural sites. These enable you to view many fascinating cropmarks and pinpoint the exact locations of the sites recorded in the database on the ground.

Who uses the ARCHI Service?

ARCHI has a worldwide reach. We have had subscriptions from British and American University Archaeology / History Departments, Schools, Archaeological Societies & Clubs, County Archaeology Departments, Archaeological Consultancies, Archaeology students and Hobbyists from Australia to Mexico.


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