• Scenes from Tree of Paradise - Jewish Roman Mosaics from Tunisia of Menorah
  • Furness Abbey Cumbria Cistercian Founded in 1123 Stephen Count Boulogne
  • Roman Mosaic Couple. Pompeii.Museo Nazionale Naples
  • Roman Mosaic Cave Canem. Pompeii.Museo Nazionale Naples
  • Roman Mosaic Cat Duck National Museum of Rome
  • Roman Mosaic of an owl and birds From Tunisia at the Getty Villa
  • Roman mosaic Love Scene Centocelle Rome Italy Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna Austria
  • Roman 4th Century mosaic of gladiators fighting, in the Museo Arqueologico Nacional in Madrid
  • Roman Mosaic Chariot Apollo Roman mosaic of Apollo's Chariot from Constantine Louvre Paris
  • Roman Mosaic - Mosaic Fish Tunis Tunisia
  • Roman mosaic of an owl in Itálica, Spain

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