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ARCHI UK Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How accurate are the locations / co-ordinates of the archaeological / historic sites listed in the ARCHI UK datbase?

More than 85% of the sites listed in the ARCHI UK database are accurate to 6 or more figures in the UK National Grid Referencing System (eg TL 065 0227). This is the accepted accuracy for archaeological reporting with respect to the publications (eg journals, books and archaeological reports) the data has been sourced from. A 6 figure co-ordinate means that the site/find will be within the 100 metre square referenced by the co-ordinate.

As an example, consider the screenshot below which shows the Priory site at TL 065 0227. As you can see the marker is on the site. However, be aware that if for example a coin is geo-referenced to 6 figures, then the coin would have been found in the 100 metre square indicated by the co-ordinate of the find.


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